Vibrating Mesh

Nowadays the Innovation fields of Medical and Life science as well as Automotive, Aerospace and several other industries are tremendously growing. One important role plays the controlled nebulization of different kinds of liquids via advanced products. In order to keep the needed devices as small as possible not only pipes, valves and connectors for fluid passage have to be miniaturized. Of even equal importance: the active element for fluid transportation.


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Our Video demonstrates the controlled nebulization of liquids suited for any simple application. Inhere, a manageable range of equipment is needed to build up a working system consisting of a liquid source, two tubes, one mp6 micropump and one vibrating mesh. The shown setup is flexible and represents the basics for smart generation of ultrafine mist.

Check out the video to see the micropump and the vibrating mesh in action!

Info about the Case Study

In contrast to the video, our released case study goes more in detail regarding this interesting topic. Besides different advantages of a vibrating mesh, we compare exemplary meshes of two different well-known suppliers.

Furthermore, we explain different setups for the liquid transport to the mesh. The most effective and “easy-to-use” setup is equipped with our mp6 micropump.

Even more, if two liquids should be nebulized which are not miscible in general, e.g. oil and water or a certain drug is only soluble in one liquid as well as a second liquid is needed for another drug, administrated simultaneously – the user will end up in a problem without an innovative solution.

This issue can be overcome by the application of two parallel driven meshed. Due to measurements via Light-Scattering we were able to show clearly that these to mist-jets does not interact. This heterogenous mist can be inhaled and deposited in the lung alveolus without unwanted premixing.

Read the full case study to learn more!