Software update: Measure thermal conductivity

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Software update: Measure thermal conductivity

Finding the optimal frequency is crucial to ensure the best performance possible in a microfluidic system. Since different viscosities in liquids require different frequencies, it is often quite difficult to switch between liquids. That is why our partner Sensirion has worked on an in-line and in-situ solution: A thermal conductivity sensor.

To properly take advantage of this sensor, we have adapted our software to show the measured thermal conductivity in addition to the flow rate and pressure. That way, you have the full overview over all important data. Check out the video we have made about this topic to see how it works in real life.

Our partner Sensirion also just launched their own software to accompany their thermal conductivity sensor.

We also added a couple of new features to our software. You can now easily switch between the calibrations of water and isopropanol, as well as export your data to use it further in your research. Since the software is made by Bartels, we can constantly improve and upgrade it to match our clients’ needs.