What material are the micropumps of the mp6 series made of?

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All wetted materials inside the standard mp6-liq and mp6-gas are PPSU (PPSU and PI for the mp6-pi, PP and PI with the mp6-pp).

The mp6-series micropumps are made with material of two grades of PPSU: natural and black. The lid is black and the body transparent, this improvement will allow the visual detection of air bubbles and particles in the pump chambers.

The black PPSU material has some part of carbon black, see the related material safety data sheet for details. The other materials do not have carbon added. The mp6-series micropumps apply the technologies of laser welding and laser marking.

The adhesives that are used in the mp6 assembly are not in any contact with the liquid. However one of them, an epoxy, may contain carbon.

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