What is the difference between the mp-Multiboard and the mp-Multiboard2?

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The mp-Multiboard can drive up to four micropumps with only one driver plugged in at a time. The mp-Multiboard2 can drive up to six pumps and you can use differnet drivers at the same time, e.g. you can attach a mp-Highdriver4, a mp-Lowdriver and a mp-Driver at the same time. Other than that, we upgraded the Micro Controller to an ESP32 to make the mp-Multiboard2 also applicable for wireless use, like Bluetooth. And we changed the external power supply to a USB-C connector. That way, if you wanted a mobile setup, you can use a power bank to supply the board instead oft he previously used DC Connector. The Multiboard2 will also be developed and worked on even further giving it even more features in future.

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