What is needed to drive the micropump?

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Everything needed is supplied by the electronic controllers offered by Bartels Mikrotechnik. The combination of signal, amplitude and frequency defines the performance of the micropump.

For laboratory applications, there is the extended micropump control mp-Labtronix. It is able to drive one micropump mp6, mp6-pi, mp6‑pp or mp6-gas with different driving signals, the full range of amplitude and frequency manipulation and has an USB interface.

For quick starting with the micropumps, the evaluation board mp-Multiboard2 offers a flexibility via an Arduino board and comes with an easy user interface and the opportunity to get access for testing all four different driver chips offered by Bartels Mikrotechnik.

For integration purposes in mobile devices, in devices of small construction sizes and generally onto PCBs of any kind, the OEM driver chips mp-Highdriver, mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver4 and mp-Driver were designed to offer most of the functionality required to drive the micropumps.

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