Test equipment

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We are providing our testing and measurement equipment data setups on request, allowing to test and evaluate the micropumps in the same way as at our product release test.

When selecting sensors, please be aware, whatever sensor you apply, make certain to have the correct frequency level of detection for your data receiver (PC or other), otherwise the frequency generated by the micropumps might lead you to misinformation due to statistical errors.

As data logging software, National Instruments “LabView” is recommended in order to control devices, read out sensors, calculate and display graphs of sensor data and store them in text, data or excel-files. Here it will be necessary to generate code with LabView. It is a graphical coding in-terface where you place icons and connection lines on the screen, so the code will not have to be typed. LabView is very customizable. Interface hardware form National Instruments will be re-quired to receive sensor data with a PC.

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