Pumping in reversible direction possible?

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No, due to the passive check valves the micropump mp6 series can only pump in one direction. They are not designed to have a reversible flow. If a negative pressure difference is applied, only a very small backflow is possible, if that pressure becomes too large the pump valves can be damaged. The reason of the slight backflow is that the valves are not intended for static pressure sealing; hence they are better suited for dynamic movement. That means they are designed “fluidical open”, i.e. pump valves can open with differential pressure in forward direction. However, as the pumps are fluidically open while switched off, two pumps can be connected in opposite direction to provide bidirectional flow. Due to the fluidic resistance this will however limit the maximum performance. Nevertheless, there are certain ways as using active valves in combination with the micropump to achieve a reversible flow/ bidirectional flow.

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