Operating: mp-Labtronix

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Driving the micropump with the mp-Labtronix allows you to gather comprehensive results in short time. You will also be able to consider the sometimes complex interaction of micro- and macrofluidics with direct measurements of your system right from the beginning. Furthermore you will also be able to conclude about how to integrate the micropump into any of your systems.

For that purpose you can connect the mp-Labtronix via USB-port with a PC, manually control it with the NI‑LabView interface and turn it into a fully automatized control. Experiments with systems in which pressure-, flow- or other –sensors gather additional data are easily achievable. You can start with basic LabView routines that we implemented already for you.

Independent of the NI‑LabView develop environment you can choose every other computer language that can handle the communication with an emulated serial interface.

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