Material in contact with fluids

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All wetted materials inside the standard mp6 are PPSU.. Please note that the mp6 is made with material of two grades of PPSU; natural-transparent and black. The lid is black. Radel R-5000 NT is the natural-transparent material and Radel R-5100 BK 937 is the black material. The black PPSU material has some part of carbon black. The other materials do not have carbon added. However, the mp6 applies the technologies of laser welding and laser marking. The marking process is used to create an absorbing layer for the laser wavelength in the otherwise natural-transparent material. This absorbing layer is hence blackened material and thus carbonized or in some manner burnt. The following laser welding process on this blackened layer will melt the material of and around the black end part. It may be possible that some particles of this carbonized plastic material will come out of the pump during operation. The stamped valve foil, also PPSU, will never produce any particles; if that happens the pump will be heavily damaged.

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