Lifetime of the micropump mp6

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We guarantee a lifetime of minimum 5.000 continuous working hours under lab conditions for the micropump mp6 series (>10.000 hours have been achieved without any notable failures). These values have been achieved by using a micropump from the mp6 series tested with the mp-Labtronix controller at 250 Vpp, 100 Hz for liquids and 300 Hz for gases and SRS signal. Even if we have reached more than 10.000 hours the warranty period of 5.000 hours has to be shared in this form, as the piezo supplier just guarantees this value.

For information: The main causes for breakdown for long running times are the piezoceramic of the actuators and clogging of the fluidic path. Clogging can be avoided by filtering. The piezo elements can be dam-aged by recurring voltage/current-spikes. If the switch-on and switch-off action is done properly, i.e. without any voltage/current-spikes of the driving signal, the actuator will remain intact.


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