Flow without pulsation

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Due to the functional principle of the piezoelectric diaphragm pumps a pulsation free flow can’t be generated with just the pump. We would recommend to use a damper, for example our developed mp-damper. However, as the displaced volumes are very low the pulsations are much lower than the ones from conventional membrane pumps. The pulsation can be further minimized by using the sine signal and an elastic tubing.

A-B – A-B

A-B is one mp6 with A the first and B the second actuator inside. If two pumps are connected in series the actuators A should be moving simultaneously and actuators B also simultaneously but with a 180° phase shift to actuators A.

However, the connection length between the pump has some influence.

The pulsation pulse from the first pump travels along the fluidic line. Theoretically the speed of the pulsation is the speed of sound in the pumped media. With the distance between B.1 and A.2 – actuator center here, which is 7.5 mm from casing wall (not the tubing clip) – the run time of this pulsation can be calculated. Hence is the pulsation of the second mp6 could be tuned to this, i.e. the phase shift between the pumps delayed a bit. Additionally, another effect occurs: The longer the fluidic line the more blurred is the pulsation peak, which will make the add up smaller. Also keep in mind that if you bend the tubing between the pumps the pulsations follow the bend but will be blurred further.

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