Electronic control requirements

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The mp6 micropump series can be controlled with alternating voltages at a maximum amplitude of 250 V and frequencies between 0 and 800 Hz. A rectangular signal results in best fluidic performance, while a sine wave minimizes the audible noise. The mp6 micropumps contain two actuators. This means that two signals with 180° phase shift need to be applied. A single pump equals a capacitive load of 2 x 8 nF.

Maximum ratings:

Voltage amplitude Vpp (not RMS): 250 Vpp

Maximum negative voltage swing: -50 V

Frequency: 300 Hz

If a pump gets damaged while using a customers’ controller we do not provide any warranty. For evaluation, we recommend the use of our dedicated controllers. Based on the evaluation results we can develop a specific controller for your application. Please contact us.

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