Characteristics of the mp6 micropump

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  • The mp6 has two piezo actuators in order to achieve a reliable and reproducible pumping performance.
  • The mp6 reaches a maximum back pressure of up to 600 mbar and a maximum flow rate of 8 ml/min at 100 Hz, 250 Vpp and SRS signal for liquids.
  • For gases the characteristics are 25 ml/min and a back pressure up to 150 mbar with 300 Hz, 250 Vpp and SRS signal.
  •  The flow rate of the pumps shows a linear dependency on the back pressure. At 0 mbar back pressure the maximum pump rate can be achieved and at the maximum back pressure the flow rate is decreased to 0 ml/min. The amplitude defines the stroke of the actuator and therefore the displacement of the pumping media per pump cycles. Increase in amplitude linearly increases the flow rate to the maximum. The frequency determines the number of pump strokes over time. Volume flow increases linear with frequency for a certain frequency range. The micropump shows a good self-priming behavior and high bubble tolerance when pumping liquids.
  • The mp6 has only material, polyphenylene sulphone (PSSU), in contact with the pumping fluid.
  • 100 % tested Fluids: For both, liquids and gases
  • (The mp6-pi and mp6-pp are special micropumps and have different specifications and materials)
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