Backflow behavior of the micropump

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The micropump has an backflow when turning off, but this depends on the pressure in the system. The pumps are designed fluidically open, that means the passive valves inside the pump open on dynamic pressure changes. However, the valves are not completely leak tight and there will be a certain backflow – liquid or air – when a pressure difference exist. For a system where a pressure level has to be kept up it will be better to use a good sealing valve like our mp-cv. Combined with a simple pressure sensor that monitors the pressure level it is possible to build a system where the electronic will trigger the pump to raise the pressure again once the level dropped below a certain value. It is absolutely possible to let the pump run continuously keeping the pressure level up. No damage occurs due to constant action. With max setting, for instance max amplitude and 300 Hz, the max air pressure will be maintained. Pressure levels will be possible with different amplitudes, but this requires some experiments depending on the pressurized volume.

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