The most important resources of Bartels microEngineering are of course our developers' creativity and competence. But brilliant ideas cannot be transformed into reality without the right technical equipment. Bartels microEngineering can rely on an inventory of high technology tools, machines and instruments in your step of each development process.


Processing and Assembly

The mechanical and thermic processing of plastics, adhesive technologies and joining techniques as well as various kinds of coatings only represent a small sample of the manifold challenges in the steps of processing and assembly within micro systems technology. But Bartels microEngineering is well equipped to meet these challenges, for example with:

  • circuit board plotter used for in-house-prototyping of plastic structures or conductor boards
  • ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) bonding system and wafer prober for contacting
  • adhesives dispenser and pick-and-place-assembly
  • vacuum furnace
  • dip-coating
  • plasma system to clean, activate and coat substrates
  • ultra- and megasonic cleaning baths
  • 3-axis milling machine for mechanical processing
  • welding and marking laser
  • Measurement and Testing Equipment


Measurement and Testing Equipment

In order to be always be informed about the exact quality and condition of all parts and materials processed, Bartels microEngineering works with several measuring and test systems, e. g.:

  • automated microscopes for structure analysis and photo documentation
  • high speed video camera for detailled analyses of dynamic processes
  • UV/Vis spectrometer for absorption amd transmission measurement
  • scanning vibrometer for non-contact vibration measurement
  • mobile color measurement system for identification of color values or to test for example a dye's stability
  • contact angle measuring device for the measurement of surface tension
  • universal system for tensile, compression and bending tests
  • conditioning cabinet for alternating climate tests (temperature and humidity)
  • analyzer for identification of particle sizes and allocation
  • further fluidic test stands