Maximum Flexibility! - Where can we support you?

As a customer you individually decide on which part of the way to the optimal product the versatile interdisciplinary (?) team of Bartels microEngineering can guide and accompany you. On the whole way, from the first idea of microsystem technology (MST) components to their serial production, or only on single sections. We develop concept together with our customers, and Bartels performs prototyping and production afterwards.

You would like to know more about our services? Here, you will find a comprehensive overview.



You would like to know more about MST's principle feasibility for your products?

Bartels microEngineering analyzes your products' potential for MST development, evaluates given ideas for innovation and shows alternatives. This consulting service will give you a first impression of the world of MST and the many opportunities coming along with it.

Whether medical engineering, life science, automotive or no classical MST-applying industry at all, taking the great potential of small components into account for your applications is well worth it. We are happy to offer you advice.



You are searching for an ingenious idea to initiate the next product generation or the development of a new market?

Bartels microEngineering gives you new creative impulses, re-thinks your products and shows the enhancements possible with MST solutions. In this creative process, free lateral thinking and ambitious visions are always backed up by well-founded research about market potentials and feasibility. This way of working creatively and at the same time strictly oriented by economic requirements is made possible by a unique combination of longtime experience and broad MST competence.



You have that good idea?

Bartels picks up a product idea conceived by you or in collaboration with us and elaborates a complete conception of all desired MST components. Detailed CAD-models, the selection of required subcomponents and the respective suppliers, the definition of all upcoming steps in the development process and the construction of a provisional sample will be results of this step.

A highly qualified team consisting of engineers from different disciplines and specialized microtechnologists exclusively dedicates its work to your project. Feasibility, costs and time of course always remain in focus.



The specifications for an MST solution for your optimal product have already been defined and the concept has been developed?

An approved procedure of inhouse rapid prototyping and substantial technical resources enable Bartels to run complete development processes fast and in a cost-efficient way. The surpassing laser equipment for the realization of finest structures and a purposively composed machinery diverse range of machines distinguish the company as an excellent partner for the step of prototyping.

Bartels runs the complete development process up to the working prototype. Design and re-design, tests and simulations finally lead to fully operationable exemplars of the developed components, meeting all your requirements.

Progress reports at regular intervals and the close cooperation with your personal contact at Bartels microEngineering grant you a complete overview over your project's status at any time. If you wish the specifications to be changed or other adjustments to be made, the project team will always react flexibly.



The MST component of your optimal product has been fully developed and now is to be transferred into serial production?

Technically mature MST solutions will be transferred into serial production for you by Bartels microEngineering. The required processes of production and assembly are being designed strictly following economic directives, perfected and finally realized inhouse at Bartels Mikrotechnik or by reliable external partners. Small series and custom products are possible just as well as large serial productions with quantities of a million units or more.