New entry in the mp6 product family - the mp6-PI micropump

When using the Bartels micropumps only one single material gets in contact with pumped medium inside the pump.


Currently Bartels Mikrotechnik offers two different versions: The mp6 which all media-touching parts are produced of Polyphenylsulfon (PPSU) and since 2012 the mp6-pp, which are all media-touching parts constructed of Polypropylen (PP).

Both productsare already showing a good chemical permanence and compatibilityfor many materials, but not for everything. To cover further areas, we are happy to introduce another variation.

A saying means „ A chain is only as strong as the weakest limb.“ We identified the weakest limb and substituted it. In this variation of the micropump the valve foil consists of Polyimidfoil (PI) (e.g. Kapton).

Polyimides are a groupof plastics highly resistant to temperature which contain a typical Imid-group.
Polyimides are resistant against watered acids, organic solvents, fuels, fat, nicotine, odoriferous substances, aromas and oils.

Already in the beginning of 2017 the mp6-PI will be available in small to middle quantities. If you would like to stay updated about the newest stage of the development of the mp6-PI, follow us at Facebook, Twitter & Co.