New entry in the mp product family - the mp-filter


The latest product from Bartels Mikrotechnik, the mp-filter, is a supplement to our product range, which protects the microfluidic system from particles.

mp filter

Usually the micropump only discharges media which have a particle size smaller than 50 μm. With the use of the mp-filter, it is now possible to convey media with a particle size larger than 50 μm, since the micropump is well protected against harmful influences.



21 mm x 5.5 mm (length x wrench size)
0.82677 in. x 0.2165 in.

Fluidic connectors

barbed tube clip, length : 5.6 mm
for tubing with internal diameter: 1.3 mm

Filter porosity 20 – 50 µm