Sensor+Test 2021

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Sensor+Test 2021: Bartels gives showcases about microfluidic systems

From May 4 to May 6, the digital Sensor+Test 2021 took place. Bartels Mikrotechnik was one of the virtual exhibitors. As a special highlight, we invited our partners to join us in presenting their products at our booth. That way, our visitors could get a great insight into our full microfluidic system.

For us, the goal was to show that setting up and using a microfluidic system can be quite easy. The first day was Microfluidic Sensor Day. Our partners at Sensirion and Honeywell joined the call to show dosing options in microfluidics. Next up was the Microfluidic Valve Day, where memetis and BMT supported our presentations about microfluidic relays. On the last day, we discussed microfluidic mixing with our partner microfluidic ChipShop. Thank you to all the experts for joining us.

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to our showcases! We plan on giving more presentations and offering webinars later this year. Subscribe to our LinkedIn page where we will keep you posted!