Robotics is one of the fastest-growing fields of technology. Areas such as motor technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, improved image processing and also artificial intelligence (AI) have contributed to this. Robotic systems have become increasingly powerful and smaller in recent years.

Our mp6 micropump can build up significant pressures – by pumping gases or liquids. This makes it an important building block in this development.

Looking at the field of soft robotics (i.e. the use of flexible materials that can change shape by applying pressure from within) is particularly exciting. Soft robotics uses biologically inspired technologies. This focuses on soft, organic structures and mimicking motion sequences from animate nature rather than rigid materials and unyielding motion.

In this field of robotics, the flat design and compact control of our mp6 micropump opens up the possibility to realize actuator functions in small to very small dimensions. In any case, this is a promising field of robotics, which the Bartels experts will keep an eye on.