Industrial processes must become increasingly safe and efficient. Sensors play an important role here. In order to obtain stable and clear measured values, the sensor must be reliably supplied with the analysis fluid. A technical challenge which our micropump can easily meet.

The system can react more quickly to fluctuations in measured values and/or compensate for changing concentrations, as can occur with catalytic gas sensors, for example.

As many sensors, on the other hand, do not function properly with a passive flow, our micropumps can open up new areas of application and not only save lives in detection. One example would be water sampling. The water quality should be checked for legionella, lead, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals or pesticides. If certain substances are added to the water, this can be done with a second pump.


Robotics is one of the fastest-growing fields of technology. Areas such as engine technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, improved image processing and also artificial intelligence (AI) have contributed to this growth. In recent years, robotic systems have become increasingly powerful and smaller.

Our micro-pump enables – by pumping gases or liquids – significant pressures to be built up. This makes it an important component of this development. Especially in the field of soft robotics (i.e. the use of flexible materials which can change their shape by pressure from inside) is extremely exciting. Here, the flat design and the compact control of our pump opens up the possibility to realise actuator functions in small to very small dimensions.


The generation of a spray plays a major role in many applications. This can be the inhalation of medication, spraying disinfectant solution or applying perfume to the skin.

We have experience of how such a spray can be created – collision of liquid jets, vibrating piezos, or electro-fogging. We also have experience in using our micropump components and processes to deliver the necessary liquids to the spray systems in a controlled manner.

Compared to many conventional methods of liquid supply, this has the advantage of quantity control and geometric flexibility.


Space missions are extremely expensive high-tech projects where the technology has to ensure maximum reliability. If a component fails in space, tens of millions are lost, sometimes this is in the billions.

Also for this reason, the student small satellite group of the University of Stuttgart e.V. (KSat) has worked on a practice project with a maintenance-friendly Bartel pump, which operates without mechanical parts: the mp6.

This micro-pump will now make its way to the ISS where it will pump a ferrofluidic fluid to test a NASA experiment for an alternative rocket propulsion in weightlessness.

Read the article:

Bartels goes Orbit.

Fragrance Dispensing

Lifestyle is not a trend, but an all-encompassing attitude to life. We have only limited influence on whether world around us smells good, but we can influence the olfactory atmosphere in our own homes, in the car, at work, etc. But even in public buildings and rooms, odours can be adjusted between neutralisation and refreshment.

Modern room scenting systems can use micro-pumps to disperse a defined fragrance over a long period of time without using individual fragrances more quickly than others, because the precise liquid transports guarantee the correct mixing ratios of the fragrance at any given moment. That is why, moreover, that the fragrance remains unchanged during operation.

In all cases, our micro-pumps, equipped with a sensor, can precisely dose the liquids to be atomised in order to pamper the environment with a very personal scent.


In ever smaller automatic coffee machines the micro-dosage of complementary flavours with the help of our micro-pumps can create first-class coffee specialities.

Vanilla, Caramel, Amarena … as always:

The dose determines the quality.

So the flavour additives must be put in a nutshell so that a first-class coffee becomes an outstanding speciality.

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