mpSmart - microfluidic systems

Dies ist die intelligente Sensor-Pumpen-Kombination: mpSmart. Sie besteht aus der Mikropumpe mp6 von Bartels Mikrotechnik und einem Sensor von SENSIRION. Schläuche und Klemmen sind ebenfalls im Set enthalten, das Sie im Online-Shop kaufen können.

Miniaturization and functional integration continue to be important trends in the areas of Life Science, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. As part of this, microfluidic components and systems are a fundamental element in the development of innovative solutions. However, microfluidics and microsystem technology are used by manufacturers in other sectors as well, such as the automation, aerospace and energy sectors, where they increase the efficiency of products and processes by using ever smaller intelligent systems.

We have developed the mpSmart system to meet these requirements. The system is based on our mp6 series of micropumps. mpSmart means that the micropump is being combined with one or more additional components, such as a sensor, a microfluidic chip or an active valve. This turns it into a microfluidic system with additional functionality. One feature of the intelligent mpSmart system is that our experienced developers select and fully pre-assemble the individual components with all the right settings for your purposes, so that the system is ready for operation. The electronics and the control systems are precisely matched to each unit. Of course to help you with this, we will also provide you with some individual software that has a user interface you will find simple and intuitive to operate.

The mpSmart family already includes mpSmart-Dosing and mpSmart-Lowdosing. These small but intelligent dosing systems allow flow rates to be set with the highest level of precision for different fluids – whatever the temperature or viscosity.

But of course with the mpSmart system there are any number of other potential configurations imaginable using commercially available components. With new applications the sky’s the limit. Our experts from the field of micro engineering will be pleased to help you turn your innovative ideas into a marketable solution!




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