– microfluidic system with integrated circuit

The mpSmart-Flowstop is our solution for microfluidic flow control. With this system, you can open or shut off fluid flow independently of hydrostatic pressure, switching fluids as well as gases quickly and safely. This is a microfluidic system with an integrated circuit.

micropump + active valve


The mpSmart-Flowstop is designed according to the same principle as the other members of the mpSmart family: The combination of micropump, electronics and an additional component results in additional functionalities in microfluidic flow control.

Thanks to an active microfluidic valve, the mpSmart-Flowstop offers a functional extension that can stop or release the flow of fluids in both flow directions. Unwanted flow due to hydrostatic pressure can thus be prevented – an important aspect in flow control, e.g., for drug delivery or for other processes in which controlled handling of minute quantities of fluids must be ensured.

The 2/2-way valve from manufacturer Takasago with shape memory alloy is precisely adjustable and controlled by the same electronics as the micropump. Of course, the mpSmart-Flowstop also lives up to its name and enables digital control.

Just like the sensor-equipped mpSmart-Dosing and -Lowdosing systems, the Flowstop system is also predestined for applications in the fields of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and medicine thanks to its small size and simple, reliable handling. But of course it is also suitable for many other areas of application from energy to robotics – contact us!

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