mp6 Evaluation Kits

mp-basic kit for microfluidics

All for the micropump

Order code: mp-basic kit

  • Not sure yet if our microfluidic pump is right for you? Our mp-basic kit is ideal for testing our mp6 micropump for your application.

  • This evaluation kit allows a quick first test to clarify whether an application with the mp6 micropump makes sense. The micropump has a very simple technical design and is also very small.

  • The mp-basic kit includes the mp-Multiboard2 including all drivers, mp6 micropumps, tubing and hose clamps.
  • The software for the mp-Multiboard2 is available in our download area.
  • With this evaluation kit, a simple set-up for testing the mp6 micropump is easily possible.
mp-advance kit

All around solutions for microfluidic systems

Order code: mp-advance kit

  • The mp-advance kit contains everything you need for a complete microfluidic system: mp6 micropumps, all electronics including mp-Driver, mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver and mp-Highdriver4, a microfluidic sensor and chip, valves and the valve driver and the associated accessories.

  • Of course, the complete system is controllable with our software, offering you an all-around carefree package to put our mp6 micropump through its paces

  • A special feature of this set is that everything is included to build up a small microfluidic system and test it for your own application.

mp-Lab! Set

Get ready for the lab

Order code: mp-Lab! kit

  • You want to see how our mp6 micropump can be used in your lab? Then take a look at our mp-Lab! kit.
  • With the micropump control mp-Labtronix you act comfortably in laboratory applications with micropumps, but also for intensive test series or if you are not so familiar with the secrets of electronics.
  • Please note that the mp-Labtronix controller can only control one mp6 micropump at a time. The micro-pump has a very simple technical design and is also very small.
  • The controller included in this set is our mp-Labtronix, a larger laboratory box with extensive testing capabilities. Instead of the driver, the mp-Labtronix has a much more flexible desktop control unit, where frequency and voltage are entered via pushbuttons and shown on the display. It is worth mentioning that the signal form can be switched and the box can also be controlled externally via a USB

The pre-assembled evaluation kits do not contain 100% of what you want? Then please contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to put together a set that is suitable for you.
Please note that the minimum number of micropumps, as well as the standard equipment in the sets cannot be customized.

If you work for a university and need our micropumps and sets especially for teaching purposes, please contact us.

Cell culturing kit

Cell culturing Set
  • This Cell culturing kit includes all the components needed to set up a microfluidic system for cell handling. We provide you with the necessary microfluidic components, electronics and software. That way, you only need to add your cells and feeding medium to get started with your cell culturing process.
  • This kit offers opportunities in perfusing microfluidic bioreactors culturing cells at stable and very low flow rates (down to 5 µl/min). It is possible to dose in one direction exchanging the whole feeding medium or in a closed-loop utilizing the same medium all over the culturing process.
  • You can read more about cell culturing and why a microfluidic approach is favourable compared to a manual approach. Or you might want to check out our video about cell culturing featuring our very own Regulation software add-on which you are also purchasing with this kit.


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