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Bartels Mikrotechnik offers opportunities

As a firmly established company in an innovative growth sector, Bartels Mikrotechnik offers interesting jobs with prospects.

Newcomers to the company are integrated into a well-rehearsed team and the pleasant working atmosphere right from the start.

Those who bring commitment and new ideas with them quickly take over processes with a high degree of personal responsibility and can fully develop their abilities.

After all, the company grows with its employees and their experience, regardless of whether they are microtechnologists, engineers or sales specialists.

In order to optimally support all employees, Bartels Mikrotechnik also offers individually tailored, family-friendly working time models.

Your current chances:

We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications from microtechnologists, sales and development engineers who want to strengthen our teams in development, production and sales. Internships (Please note that the minimum duration of an internship at Bartels is twelve weeks) and final theses can also be completed at any time.

Bartels Mikrotechnik regularly offers training positions in order to promote competent and specialized young talent.

It is not uncommon for a successful, practice-oriented student research project to lead to long-term commitment in the Bartels Mikrotechnik team.

We can cover the following areas:

  • Fluid Technology
  • Measurement / Analytics
  • Laser Processing
  • Design of Micro and Macro Components
  • Production Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Our Team

We asked an external journalist to talk to our employees about their tasks and the atmosphere in our company.

If you are also interested in working for Bartels, let us talk to each other.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversations:

An employee in microtechnology for microfluidics looking at the mp6 micropump through a microscope Bartels Mikrotechnik

Udo Janzyk

„I've been here with Bartels for 15 years now as a microtechnician, I've been working for customers in Switzerland, Munich and Ireland, and it's all been a lot of fun. I like the working atmosphere here very much because we all know each other very well. It's almost family. In addition, our core topic always remains exciting due to new technologies and machines.“

An employee in electronics for microtechnology in microfluidics working with the Bartels Mikrotechnik mp6 micropump

Carlos Candeias

„After finishing my computer science studies, I completed an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer here in 2005. In the meantime, I am responsible for quality assurance in the IT area and for the development of our electronics regardin our micropumps. I'm not here so long for nothing, it's just great to work here.“

An employee in sales and distribution for microtechnology microfluidics selling mp6 micropumps for Bartels Mikrotechnik

Lena-Sophie Recnik

„As a sales manager, I work here in international sales. This alone is a lot of fun. My day doesn't just start once with a customer from China and end with an American. This multilingual diversity, combined with the equally diverse solutions, is what makes Bartels so appealing to me.“

An employee in development for microtechnology in microfluidics for mp6 micropumps Bartels Mikrotechnik

Dr. Alexander Friebe

„As project manager for microfluidics, I am working on the development of microfluidic systems for medical technology. The good thing is that I am challenged and can really unfold. And this in a team full of different competences, which all together - like building blocks - can do a lot.“

Employee woman showing mp6 micropump with hair covering working in the production of Bartels Mikrotechnik microtechnology and microfluidics

Danica Topic

„I've been here as a microtechnologist since 2015, manufacturing the micropumps that pump liquids and gases. The exciting thing here is that we always get new tasks. For example, I also take care of the apprentices and the students and can thus pass on my knowledge.“

An employee woman laser engineer working at Bartels Mikrotechnik on projects development for microtechnology and microfluidics with mp6 micropump

Anja Blase

„I am a laser engineer and have been working here for two years. As a project manager I get in touch with many customers, work out project plans and then see that we develop the project step by step, test it out and get it ready for production. This is really fun.“

An employee working student mechanical engineer selling micropumps at Bartels Mikrotechnik for microfluidics microtechnology

Florian Siemenroth

„I've been with the company for four years, but I'm currently working here as a student trainee because I'm still studying mechanical engineering. It's really cool to work here because I can also transfer our customers' requests for specifications into the existing systems. A task between development and production.“

Would you like to be a part of our team?

If you have any questions regarding our job advertisements, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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