About us

Frank Bartels : CEO

A portrait photo of founder and CEO Of Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH (microtechnology company) Dr. Frank Bartels in Dortmund at MST.factory

Our Team

Our team works in the areas of development, production and sales. We produce and test all products in Dortmund.

Sales and Distribution

Your contact persons in all sales matters are Lena Recnik (administrative) and Florian Siemenroth (technical).

Monika Kremer : CFO



Start as an engineering office for microtechnology


Extension with Laserjobshop with Excimerlaser

seit 2000

Business area: microEngineering Specialization in microfluidics

seit 2006

2. division: microComponents Development, production and distribution of components for active microfluidics

seit 2014

Relocation from the TechnologieZentrum to the MST factory on Phoenix West in Dortmund to expand production facil

seit über 20 Jahren

Dr. Frank Bartels IVAM Board of Directors Currently IVAM Honorary Board

What Diversity means to us

With our employees from the areas: engineering sciences, physics, chemistry and many other fields of competence, we develop solutions for fluid systems (liquids, gases, mixtures) at our Dortmund (NRW) location.

Here, microtechnology describes bodies and geometric structures with dimensions in the micrometer range (0.1–1000 µm) and thus differs by a factor of 1000 from nanotechnology.

That’s exactly what our main task is: the creation of new solutions for cross-industry applications and the development of corresponding products to serial production.

In order to realise this task, we are not just a team of competent qualifications. Rather, we are people who share a common passion for micro-technology and its applications and who therefore focus on a process-oriented team spirit. People who do not consider the reconciliation of work and private life as meaningless, but rather as the basis for a good and successful cooperation, in which the mutual esteem, real opportunities for development and a high level of self-responsibility finally condense with the joy of work to create a very special blend.

All this is what we are.
All this is the Bartels Mikrotechnik.

Mission Statement & Values

Bartels Mikrotechnik is an innovative supplier of products and developments for microsystems that creates added value for its customers in a constantly changing market environment.

Bartels Mikrotechnik stands for quality and reliability. It goes without saying that the company treats its customers and partners fairly and honestly. The company communicates with them openly and respectfully.

Our diverse staff and interdisciplinary work lead to the well-being of our customers and to the best results. The compatibility of work and private life is just as important to us as a climate of mutual esteem, opportunities for development, personal responsibility and pleasure at work.

Sufficient earning power secures the company and thus jobs in the long term. The aim is to strengthen our market position and lead the company to healthy growth.


For us, innovation is futuristic and interdisciplinary work. We combine and use new technologies for our products.

Costumer Orientation

It is important to us to understand our customers and to meet their wishes. Competences such as communication skills, honesty, fairness and customer loyalty are essential for us here. We offer individual solutions and fulfil the different customer wishes so that we are always open to new customers.


We treat each other respectfully by accepting others as they are. For us, respect also means behaving tolerantly and acting together within the framework of the rules of cooperation.


Our committed employees are committed to previously defined goals and bring their own ideas into the work process. The company supports them with a good working atmosphere.

Employee Orientation

For us, employee orientation means providing employees with further training and not restricting their freedom and self-determination. Achieving a work-life balance is a central factor in our company.

Further Development

The professional and personal development of our employees is our top priority. We not only support the desire to learn new tasks, but also help to improve individual self-management. The strengthening of self-confidence and the promotion of the ability to work in a team are fixed components of our individual further development.


We have a responsibility towards our customers. For us, fair dealings and honesty play a decisive role. That is why the personal responsibility of our employees and the corporate responsibility of the management are fundamental prerequisites for our actions.

with passion for microfluidics

Goal Orientation

We do not lose sight of the goal and work flexibly on it. A prerequisite for this is meaningful planning that is consistently adhered to. In this way, we always evaluate and review our work process and improve it.