History und trend


1996 start as an engineering service provider
1998 set-up of a production capacity, Laserjobshop with excimer laser
since 2000

business division microEngineering
development of active microfluidic devices in the field of life-science, after 2001 development of active microfluidic devices for consumer products

since 2006

second business division: microComponents
development, production and distribution of components for active microfluidic devices

2014 relocation from the technology center to the MST factory at Phoenix West in Dortmund


ivamIVAM (a microtechnology network) Member since 1996 Dr. Frank Bartels: member of the Board of IVAM for 20 years



Microtechnology – History and what`s next?

With its various facets, microsystem technology has decisively influenced the technological processes of recent years.

In the last few years of the last millennium, the silicon-based processes have boosted automotive technology with acceleration- and gyro-sensor and large markets have been developed. The inkjet printer techniques had the same effectfor fluidic applications.

Since 2000, Silicon-MEMSenabledthe development of the smartphone we are all using today and the fluidic-MEMShave enabled the path for promising diagnostics platforms.

How is this process going on? In our opinion, the drivers of the next steps will be the trend towards smart-living, wearable mobile systems and the increasing automation up topersonal robotics. In all these areas, micro technology will play an important role supported by the capabilities of the improved IT-world.

The related innovation processes require the strengthening of interdisciplinary work and networking of functionalities.

We look forward to go that route together with our customers!