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Microfluidics as a part of Microsystems Technology

Since the beginnings of microsystems technology, microfluidics has been an elementary field which is used in a wide range of applications.

Microfluidic systems and subsystems consist of active and passive components. These are used to conduct, convey and analyze liquids and gases or to use them as actuating media or as secondary measured variables.

The term micropump does not unambiguously describe only the size of a component. “Micro” is a term used to describe several aspects simultaneously. A small size is one of them, but not always with dimensions in the micrometer range.

For example, it can sometimes happen that pumps known as “micro” have geometries of several micrometers. In addition, the prefix describes the quantitative delivery rate and pump pressure. The fluid quantities to be transported differ significantly from those of industrial standard pumps.

So what is a pump made for that delivers the smallest quantities and is also very small?

Microfluidics deals with the physics of liquid and gas transport in pipe systems with small diameters.

These are to be transported in a controlled manner. Due to the small dimensions of microfluidic components, the use of microfluidic components is widespread in industry, science and system solutions for end users.

In almost every case in which fluids are manipulated in any way, their volumes have to be moved. This is where micropumps of the most diverse types are used.

Starting from the idea of developing a prototype that has become a proven product to be manufactured in series, we would like to inform you in this article about the adaptation of our microfluidic components to customer-oriented requirements.


the evaluation set quadbasic with the mp6 micropumps the quadbasicelectronics hoses and hose clamps for microfluidic applications in microtechnology Bartels Mikrotechnik


Micropumps, which pump the smallest amounts of gases or liquids, form the heart of microfluidics.

Their services are indispensable in many areas.



Measures of the mp6 micropump microfluidics in microtechnology Bartels Mikrotechnik

With their extremely small dimensions and low weight, particle tolerance (up to a particle size of 40 µm) and good temperature resistance, our micropumps are equipped for all these fields.

high quantities

Many mp6 micropumps in production in Dortmund at MST factory Bartels Mikrotechnik microtechnology and microfluidics

Our micropumps are almost completely made of plastic (either PPSU or PP).
Thus they can also be produced in large quantities at low cost.

100% tested

Woman employee with hair covering presenting the mp6 micropump in microfluidics and microtechnology

We test every single pump before it leaves our warehouse. In addition, the components of each pump are traceable down to the last detail. We not only promise the best quality, we also deliver it.



Our micropumps can be used in many different ways in medical and analytical technology, mechanical engineering, space research and many other applications.


"It all started with a solution"

A striking phrase that exemplifies our performance in a nutshell, finally, after a long development work, the first micro-pump was used in a fluidic field of application about 10 years ago.

Thus, it all started with a groundbreaking solution – this approach is written deep into the developer DNA.
It is simply one of our core competences to analyse the development potential of your products (opportunity identification) and to accompany you as an idea generator from concept (concept generation) through prototyping to series production.

Along the way, our team will impress you with interdisciplinary competences, which not only represent an outstanding knowledge advantage in practical microtechnology, but also offer a creative and innovative team performance as a developer group.

This is one of the reasons why physicists, process engineers, chemists, mechatronics technicians, laser technologists and many more qualifications work in all age groups. They all develop new solutions for new markets, bring creations to patent maturity and work on the switch from standalone to series production.

Qualities that mature in a dense network, in which both technological suppliers, a renowned research landscape as well numerous institutes come together to ultimately create complete product worlds MADE IN GERMANY for a global market.

Our areas of microComponents and micro Engineering, therefore, propel each other mutually forward.

Each issue calls for a development, which in turn calls for interaction as an innovation. This creates a perfect climate for innovation with future-oriented added value.

We are not just the seller of our products. We are solution providers and help our customers with problems for which our micro-pumps are a perfect solution.

From creative brainstorming to prototyping, through individual customisation to (small or large) series production.




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