Bartels Micropumps

Bartels micropump mp6

Micropumps transporting the tiniest amounts of gases or liquids can be considered the heart of microfluidics.

In many sectors they have become indispensable. Dosing lubricants, feeding fuel cells with methanol or mixing starch into the steam of flat irons are only a few of the manifold tasks they fulfill. Many further fields of application for example are located in medical technologies and analytics.

Extremely small in size and low in weight, with good particle tolerance and temperature resistance, Bartels micropumps are well prepared to be used in any of these sectors. As they are almost completely made of plastics, large quantities of these pumps can be produced at low cost and may well be used as disposables.

Important advantages for all users result from the radically simple pump design: Injection molded parts for housing and pump chamber, piezo actuators and passive valves constitute the key components. Thus any adaptation to specific requirements concerning flow rate or back pressure is easy to realize. This customization of micropumps and the correspondent electronic controllers is part of the services offered by Bartels microComponents. If requested, the pumps can be fully integrated into complex system designs as well.

Once the perfect pump for your application has been found, you may purchase an exclusive production licence for this version to include the component into your own production processes. Of course Bartels microComponents can also realize a high quality serial production for you at low cost.

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Available Standard Micropumps
and Auxiliary Equipment

mp6 / mp6-AIR
Controller mp-x
Controller mp6-OEM
Controller mp6-EVA
Controller mp6-QuadEVA
Check valves
fitting Tygon tubing

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