Active Microfluidics Newsletter

Due to the trend towards miniaturized and portable instrumentation the handling of small amounts of fluids plays a more and more significant role in today’s product development. The key technology in most of the product advances is active microfluidics, with Bartels Mikrotechnik being a leading provider of development services in this field. To inform potential customer about this topic and our activities, Bartels Mikrotechnik is now starting a newsletter service on a three monthly basis.

The newsletters will focus on the following topics:

  • Fluidic system design
  • Continuous and discontinuous fluid delivery
  • Micro dosing
  • Micro spraying / generation of mist
  • Droplet based fluid handling
  • Micro hydraulics

The first newsletter for which you can register now, introduces an application example on microfluidic system design and optimization. Based on an existing product design, sustainable cost reductions for the customer were achieved by reviewing and optimizing an existing fluidic system.

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