mp-cv Check Valve

The mp-cv check valve

To prevent the backflow of a pumped medium even when a micropump is not in operation, this external valve can be mounted to the pump directly through tubing.

If a check valve is required for your mass application, this functional element can be integrated into the micropump itself.

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The mp-cv at a glance:

- dimensions:
  20.9 mm x 5 mm
  (length x span width)
- materials:
  silicone, stainless steel
- fluidic connectors:
  inner diameter 1.6 mm,
  length 5.6 mm 
- cracking pressure:
  typ. < 35 mbar
- max. back pressure:
  500 mbar
- typ. leak rate:
  < 4 ┬Ál/h for liquids