MST development services - where can we support you?

Choose your current position on the way to the optimal product and find out what Bartels microEngineering
can do for you.



You want to find out what general possibilities MST opens up for your products?
Bartels microEngineering checks that for you: Check.

Your are searching for an ingenious idea to initiate the next product generation or the development of a new market?
Bartels microEngineering generates innovative impulses and ideas for your products: Impulse.

You have that good idea?
Bartels microEngineering develops a complete concept for MST components in your product: Concept.

The specifications for an MST solution for your optimal product have already been defined and the concept has been developed?
Bartels microEngineering implements that concept and builds a prototype: Prototyping.

The MST component of your optimal product has been fully developed and now is to be transferred into serial production?
Bartels microEngineering develops production processes and transferres the prototype into serial production: Production.

Learn more about the possibilities of MST, get an impression of the versatility and expierience of Bartels microEngineering by seeing the references or contact us to discuss a possible cooperation.

Maximum Flexibility!

As a customer you decide individually, on which part of the way to the optimal product the versatile team of Bartels microEngineering can guide and accompany you. On the whole way, from the first idea of MST components to their serial production, or only on single sections.